Help Needed Urgently about mylot earnings

January 2, 2009 8:07am CST
Hello Friends, Can u please tell me how can i earn easily through mylot. What must i do to increase my earning. I am new here and want some suggestions from you.Can you tell me about the earnings and how can i earn more from mylot? Thank you
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@shwanks (145)
• United States
3 Jan 09
Honestly (for ME anyway) you dont earn much... I've been using this site for months. I have a busy life working two jobs and being a full time college student! so I am rarely on. But when I first started out I went on everyday for a week or two straight and responded as much as possible to discussions that interested me. My total $$$ right now? $1.08 If you have a fairly busy schedule you wont earn much. I have realized that, but mylot is really fun when I do have spare time plus I love how non-dramtic everyone is! Almost everyone is really friendly. So for me, this site isnt about money, theres no way I'll probably ever even get to $5! lol
• India
2 Jan 09
And also remember NOT to post links in your responses/discusions because you may be reported for violating the rules. No one will respond to discussions with links as the discussion may be deleted and earnings cancelled.
@lockheart (1405)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
just post and reply to any discussions... it depends on you on how many post you want to make for the day.. refer friends so you could possibly earn $1 a day.. if possible start making discussion one per day and reply to the posted reactions and just maintain the conversation.. goodluck... happy mylotting!