yahoo multi messenger.....what is it????

@GAGAN187 (287)
January 2, 2009 11:59am CST
i have heard a lot about yahoo multi messenger ...but doesnt really know what exactly its all about ...can anyone tell me about it...
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@Rollo1 (16650)
• Boston, Massachusetts
2 Jan 09
Multi Messenger is a freeware program that lets you open multiple sessions of Yahoo! Messenger. Normally, you can only open Yahoo Messenger once, with one account ID. Using the multi messenger allows you to operate messenger under several accounts simultaneously. This feature is also available as part of Y Tunnel, a program that acts like a protective shell around Messenger and has some extra features that Yahoo Messenger doesn't have. Y Tunnel makes it difficult or impossible for you to be booted and protects you from spam bombing. It is also possible to open multiple chat sessions using other chat clients like Yazak and Yahelite. Regardless of whether you are running multiple clients or multiple sessions of Messenger, you must use a different account ID for each one. Yahoo will allow you to log in any account only once.
@GAGAN187 (287)
• India
3 Jan 09
thanks so much for information