touching me...

January 2, 2009 6:15pm CST
All that city ,You just couldn't see the end to it,The end ?Please?YOU just show me where it ends....Ti was all very fine on tha gangway,And i was grand too,in my overcoast,I cut a quite figure,And i was getting off,Guaranteed,there was no problem.It wasn't what i saw that stopped me,Max,It was what i didn't see .you understand that?what i didn't see.In all that sprawling city there was everything expect an end.There was no end.What i did not see what where the whole thing came to an end.The end of the world... Take a panito,keys begin,keys end,you know there are eighty-eight of them,nobody can tell you any difference.They are no infinite,you are infinite,And on these keys the music that you can make is infinite,i like that,that i can live by You get me up on that gangway and you're rolling out in front of me a keyboard of millions of keys,millions and billons of keys that never end,and that is the truth,Max,that they never end,that keyboards is infinite,And that if the keyboard is infinite,then on that keyboard there is no music you can play,you are setting on the wrong bench,That's GOd's piano
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