First time cooking lobsters....

United States
January 2, 2009 6:52pm CST
So my fiance and I had purchased lobsters at Costco. First we were going to purchase lobster raviollis, but then we saw two whole lobsters in a package for $18. I read the directions. They are not hard to cook, so we decided to go with them. We purchased them a week before, so they were in the freezer. The night before last, I set them in the fridge on the bottom drawer to thaw. Last night I opened the drawer and it had leaked. There was brownish black water. Luckly there was nothing else in there. I took them out of the box.... ok, so I've seen lobsters in a tank before and I love to eat lobsters, I have just never seen one dead and had to cook it before. I was scared to touch I am sorry for the gross despription, but it looked like a large roach, with the long intennas and all. It was all black and ugly looking. My fiance was taking a nap, and I had no choice but to "just do it." So after the water was boiling, I grab Deans BBQ tongs and I picked them up, rinsed them off a bit and set them in the water. 15 minutes later, they were a beautiful red color. I was proud of myself that I actually got through it. We also had scallops wrapped in bacon, potatoes and veggies. It turned out to be a good meal. Dean loved it, but I think I will stick to the lobster raviollis next time. : ) Have you ever been scared to cook your food? I am sure you get used to it after a while, but that one was hard for me. : (
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