how many book you read a week?

January 2, 2009 8:27pm CST
i can read 3 book aweek and i finished it all, how many book you read a week? and what kind book that you read?
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@dodo19 (42746)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
3 Jan 09
I'm lucky if I can read one book in a week. But I can usually do that during the summer, because I have more time and opportunities to do so. Otherwise, from September to April, I'm simply too busy with classes and school work to do much reading for myself.
@Savvynlady (3685)
• United States
3 Jan 09
Depending what's on my plate and holds my interest to be honest. On a hold, I read an average of ten books a week. Sometimes more. It has to hold my interest or I send it back to where it comes from. Right now, I am trying to tackle two of Marcus Buckingham's books; Go, Put Your Strengths to Work and Now,Discover Your Strengths. I am trying to find out more about myself. I am also reading Rich Woman by Kim Kiyoski(wife of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert K.)which I am finding quite enlightening. Basically I am trying to read books that would help expand me and work towards the goals I'm working for this year. But if you ask me my kind of book, I love inspirational, ficition, self improvement, how to, romance to name a few.
@jazel_juan (15750)
• Philippines
3 Jan 09
i could read as four books in a week, like the last time i read was the twilight series, it consists of four books and i was able to finish it in a week, i could read a book fast which really depends on how interesting the book is. if it isnt would take almost omre than a week hehehe
• Canada
3 Jan 09
I don't usually read more than one book in a week because all the books I read have a series to it so it takes longer to read. I read a series of books so sometimes I might not finish them in a week most likely, that's what I like most about books with more to it, like Rangers Apprentice I just started it and it has a few other books to it but I take my time to read.