Are You Considering Axxo the Savior for Movies for Free?

January 2, 2009 10:12pm CST
I read an article about this uploader named Axxo. If I remember it right, this name is very infamous and link to the Robinhood of downloaders. His usual uploading site is A cult of following has been created for this savior who uploaded movies for free for the viewership of other people around the globe. Whether I am subscribing to his uploads or not, that is a confidential answer in my part. For me, I always advocate intellectual property rights, but I am also advocating media for free. That is why I am torn between considering Axxo as the Messiah or the Devil that is playing and robbing the individual rights of creativity. But I would like to say thank you for Axxo because there are movies i havent watched and I could still watch them through my PC thanks to his wonderful upload. I wonder what software he is using in order to rip those DVD files.
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