How To Remove Stretchmarks

January 3, 2009 4:46am CST
Recently when I brought my wife to the beaches, she doesn't feel good wearing her old bikini as after the birth of our 2 kids, Shawn and Kenneth, she had these stretchmarks visible on her tummy portion. I feel bad about it and wondered what I could have done before to prevent those marks from forming. Actually the best is prevention during the pregancy stage where the skin are expanding and not until it is over and we started to repair it. And repairing it now is going to cost a bomb with treatment such as laser surgery. This is what provokes me to start a blog on "Remove Those Unwanted Stretchmarks" at so as to be able to provide some info for others who might be undergoing what my wife had experienced before. I also hope whoever who knows of any other methods to provide some comment/s. Appreciate if you can login to and share.
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@achinthya (1217)
• India
6 Jan 09
I think this stretch mark are there almost to everyone after pregnancy only few lucky woman escape from it...putting cream or ointment doesn't help at all.So me too I feel shy.
• Singapore
7 Jan 09
Ya that's exactly what she feel also. Because I wanted to help her feel comfortable again, I have asked around and search the web for some help and hope that someone may be able to contribute some positive remedy. You are almost right that once the marks are there, cream or ointment doesn't help. I heard there are methods that can remove permanent marks by laser surgery but it is not going to be cheap. And according to what I was told, during the early stages of pregnancy, by some application of cream or ointment on the tummy area, it could reduce the effect and the marks might not be too obvious. So my main aim for starting this site is for those expecting or planning to conceive mothers-to-be or even their caring spouse to have more information so that they don't live to regret at a later stage what they could have done for prevention. Hopefully also to receive some other methods which don't require the last resort of laser surgery. Have a nice day and if I come across any method, I will post it on my site so do check it out often to relieve us of our common misery.