No shopping?

@achinthya (1217)
January 3, 2009 6:01am CST
Due to sudden fall in the market my husband as a business man has started a cost cutting at home, no more restaurants,going for cinema,buying decoration items,etc .How about you?
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• United States
3 Jan 09
We are pretty much in the same boat but I'm the one who is saying no to the extra's and not my husband. I control the money in the house so I know what we have and what we don't and right now we don't have much.
@achinthya (1217)
• India
5 Jan 09
Good job you are doing,managing the house very nicely think all should be like you satisfied with what we have and enjoy the life. Happy My lotting and Happy New Year.
• Philippines
1 Nov 09
I think in times of cost cutting,less eating out can help.I also go to the cinema to watch movies that are worth watching in the big screen.I don't go to the cinema every time there is a new movie.I also like bringing my water bottle and filling it at home and the office.that way,I don't spend too much money on drinks.
@AMOORA04 (115)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Well I wouldn't say no anything but we have cut down alot. So we don't eat out as much. I try not to go shopping as much. For groceries we try to only buy what we need for the week, not extra. But, I added coupons in my shopping and I wait for sales to buy something. This is stuff I never used to do before, probably because my husband never really cared if I saved 0.50 cents with a coupon and combine with $2.00 from the sale. He figured if you need it, buy it. That didn't work out well for us. But now I also look for free stuff online. I find alot of stuff for free that I can afford not to buy it. I went to jcpenney the other day and got a bunch of house decorations and all cost me $1.12 savings $167.48. You can find awesome deals without forcing yourself to not buy anything
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
24 Jan 09
I haven't decided to totally stop buying nonessentials, but the economic crisis is definitely making me nervous which is reflected in my shopping habits. It's not like I'm rich to begin with so my spending is always kind of limited , but I do think it's important to make time to enjoy yourself. Of course, that doesn't always require money!