Motherboard (/) CPU (combo?)

United States
January 3, 2009 4:38pm CST
Hey there! My computer SUCKS. So slow. I'm a gammer, and this computer is definately not made for games. I'm looking to upgrade! Want to keep price at a minimum! I figure i will keep my HDD, mouse, scree, keyboard, etc....I just wanna upgrade my motherboard. I would like some PCIe slots. Upgrading motherboard prolly means upgrading my CPU too! Dual core is my preference. And i'll also need some RAM. but RAM is farily cheap...I've noticed on some sites they have a motherboard/CUP combo. But nothing that i saw was too good. Can anyone help me find a good / cheap Motherboad and CPU! Dual Core is preferred, otherwise at least 3ghz processor PCIe x 16 slots Thanx!
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• Philippines
5 Jan 09
If you wanna demand good performance on your gaming experience, it won't come cheap. you don't only need to replace your mobo and cpu but also your video card. 512 mb vid cards to be a minimum. i'm sorry but gaming PCs are the most expensive combination you could have. anyway, goodluck on looking for what you want.
@smacksman (6074)
3 Jan 09
Sorry. If you are into games then you need a powerful PC and they don't come cheap. You also need the best graphics card you can afford - preferably a pair. They can cost a lot more than the rest of the PC! To get that extra bit of performance you will need to overclock the CPU and Gigabyte are pretty good at making a mobo for clocking. For hard drives I use 10,000 rpm Raptor drives in a RAID setup which is really fast but a lot more expensive than regular SATA2 drives. About $2,500 should get you a competative machine for serious games.