Should Canadian Military in Afghanistan?

January 3, 2009 9:53pm CST
We are losing a war in Afghanistan. Our involvement in this miserable war is the most significant moral issue to face this country in a generation, and it should have been the decisive factor in the recent federal election. It was not, and I have been wounder why. As the topic says, Should Canadian Military in Afghanistan? I want to know what is your opinion. Please say as much as you can. I am working on my opinion issue. So help me, and help your self.(You can earn money from this,eh?)
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• Canada
3 May 09
No the Canadian military shouldn't be in Afghanistan. The level of violence would be far less there if the warmongers stopped waging war, on all sides. Canada is basically occupying the area so they can prop up their puppet government of their liking. Canada is no better than the USA on this issue.