In your own imagination, how will you describe heaven?

@jheiem (142)
January 4, 2009 7:56am CST
I always think ab0ut it, hows heaven look? Is there a heaven that is waiting for good people. Is there a honey flowing over the heavens river? Post here on how you perceived the physical feature of heaven. Thanks in advance!
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• Philippines
7 Jan 09
The physical figure of heaven is not the same with the world (earth) figure can figure out that the surrounding are like a place watere'd with snow, a place where there are a lot of chores singing. In heaven, there will be: No power shortages, for God is all powerful; no bumping into things in the dark; no sleepless nights (there is no night there, Revelation 21:25). Nor will there be: Bills; hospitals; bank accounts. In fact, heaven will have: No complaints; no back-talk; no hate; no fear; no crime.
• India
4 Jan 09
i think heaven will be as comfortable as our room. bcoz i think our room and our bed is the most comfortable (like heaven)place to live. that place will be full of good eatables. and soft pillows and cushions. and with so many good people.
@r0ckstar (25)
• India
4 Jan 09
i wonder if there's anything called heaven or hell..i feel the cycle of life will it has been since ages..ur born..u live for a while then u die.. i guess this cycle would continue..till GOD gets bored of it :D
@sunita64 (6470)
• India
4 Jan 09
Somehow I feel there is no hell or heaven, it is this life in which either we make it hell or heaven depending on our actions.If we have a positive attitude then we make heaven around us and if we think negatively then we make hell around us.