Matt Smith as the new Doctor?

January 4, 2009 9:59am CST
So I watched "Doctor Who Confidential" last night, and they announced that a guy called Matt Smith would be taking over from David Tennant in Doctor Who. My first reaction was "Matt Who?" as I'm not familiar with this actor - I've not seen anything he's been in. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as casting an unknown means that people aren't going to associate him with other roles he's done in the past. But he also seems really young to play the part - he's only 26, even younger than Peter Davidson was when he played the role on TV. Obviously I'll have to give him a chance to show what he can do, but it seems to me that it's about time the role was played by an older man again, someone with natural authority. Personally, I would have brought Colin Baker back. I've already started thinking of Matt Smith as "The Medical Student"! What does anyone else think, is he a good choice for the part or not?
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@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
4 Jan 09
I first saw it in the papers yesterday and I like millions of others said Matt Who? as you rightfully said, he's an unknown and that could be quite beneficial, he'll either be a roaring success or a flop, but my bone of contention is that you just get used to one actor playing the doctor then they change! There is no staying power is there, why can't we have a long term doctor like we did in the past, now they are churning them out far too quickly. I think 26 is too young personally and they are getting younger, I can see that when this new doctor leaves and we hear about the 12th doctor he'll be 12 years old LOL! Seems the doctor gets younger and younger! Mind you I have to be honest I only really watch it for the cybermen and daleks they are what interest me most about watching Doctor Who! Without them my interest would soon disappear.
@jend80 (2068)
6 Apr 10
saw his first episode on Saturday (the new series has just started here ) and he was wonderful - silly, funny, arrogant, caring, and 100% The Doctor.