why is there partiality in life?

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January 4, 2009 11:13am CST
today i took part in a competition,it was for miss Cuttack [the place where i belong] my introduction and question round was good.when i came down all congratulated me they said they are sure that i will win as others couldn't answer many questions properly,even when the prize was announced public had shouted my name but someone else got it,the reason was i wasn't the member of that cud or my parents whereas which girl won her dad is the member of the sponsoring club........later many came up and said me it always happens like that......now am very upset i know i did well,am not being overconfident just that it hurts when partiality takes place......what do you guys think about it? what are your views have you also suffered the same?
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4 Jan 09
it happens almost everywhere(there r very few exceptions for this).... these things r just a part of the life... no need to take them into heart.... ppl will favor there favorite or there friends or there ppl.... u know u did gud, ppl know u did gud, then y to worry.... u can see any TV reality show, most ppl vote to the contestant belonging to there state irrespective of his talent, judges often question the viewers abt this.. but who cares.... No need to b so upset for these small mattars.... u r miss cuttack for me.... i congratulate u.....
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