i can't get up early enough in the morning to attend the classes,do u get up ?

January 5, 2009 12:55am CST
these days i facing a very familiar problem,which generally happens with students. i cant get up early enough to attend the classes.the reasons are various.sometimes late night parties,movies,birthdays or else functions.not only it has hampered my sleep but also studies.I'm lagging behind in the class 8& i don't know what to do.........
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@leomyoma (47)
• India
7 Jan 09
don't be silly man.change your routine.make a lifestyle that will comprise everything u need.so don't worry much.such phases come more frequently in life.
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• India
7 Jan 09
hi,thank you very much for responding.yeah I'll make sure that i follow a routine here after so that i never miss a class.classes are very important for me to attend.I'll certainly take your advice.
@planters (46)
• Philippines
6 Jan 09
i think you'll need to cut off the parties and birthdays and stuffs that make you stay up late at night ... save it for the weekends ...
@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
5 Jan 09
..well, you know the reasons why you can hardly get up in the morning.. maybe you have to avoid them or limit the occasions and parties you are attending if it hampers your studies.,. you need to set your priorities.. If you want to finish your studies, then you have to give up some of your hobbies or social life and give yourself more time to study.. after all, when you finish your studies and have a good job, you can attend to as many parties as you want..