biggest lie you can say

January 5, 2009 4:16am CST
One fine day in my college , we had a casual chat with our friends and one guy said that we will have a competition like who can say a BIGGEST LIE in the world , then we started and it went on and had good fun , Can we start now and will crown the LIE MASTER...
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• India
7 Jan 09
oh sure, you know i love making others a fool but not seriously.......then wht will be ur first lie shall we start our game
• India
8 Jan 09
Yeah ... Sure, But i really forgot what lie i said, but one of my friend said that he will construct a building which will have 1000 stories and then one of my other fried said a lie that i can strongly recollect it which happened 7 years back and i think i will take it till my grave, he was bit serious in his lie and as he narrated like he is planning to "Construct a building where.. he will take a 1 year old baby to the terrace and drop it, when that baby comes down to the ground floor the age of the baby will be 100 years". it was really a good thought and every one accepeted him as the winner of the show.