How many times a day do you drink coffee ??

January 5, 2009 11:35am CST
I only have 1 or 2 a day . I used to drink it before going to bed . How many times a day do you drink coffee ??
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@frygirl (382)
• United States
7 Jan 09
i dont drink coffee i cant stand the taste of it but i like the smell whe its brewing for somebody else my favorite is cappicuano
@marty3888 (2358)
• United States
5 Jan 09
usually about 3 or four. I eed it in the morning at breakfast, with snacks and at dinner. Sometimes, I may have some around 11 pm but that's less than a half a cup.
@sixclix (677)
• Philippines
5 Jan 09
I no longer drink coffee. i used to drink lots of it when I was in college and at work. I've stopped drinking coffee for a few years now. Now when I drink coffee, I get stomach upset. Thought I was immune to coffee after all those cups I drank in college. I used to drink at least 10 cups a day in college. Used to do lots of reading so I needed the caffeine. Now I would much rather drink tea but only occasionally. have a good one.
@vindiku (256)
• India
5 Jan 09
Basically, i don't drink coffee, but now a days i started drinking it as its is the only available beverage that we have there at office, but the problem is the coffee is machine made and i don't like it very much. Now a days my coffee consumption has increased a lot and I think when at office i drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee on an average basis.