When will season 4 be released?

January 5, 2009 10:11pm CST
I have just watched season 3 on a dvd. It was 6 episodes only. Tyler succesfully got the power of the cheerleader and now he can regenerate. But Tyler was brainwashed to be a good person. He now works for the company. Dr. Suresh also invented a drug that gives people superpowers. I wonder what the next episode will be in season 4. When will season 4 be released? Anybody know?
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• Philippines
19 Jan 09
I really enjoy this show. My husband and I made sure we catch it every week. Can't wait till it airs again =)
• Puerto Rico
15 Jan 09
Well, season 3 is thirteen episodes long. Episode 13 aired in the US on December 15, 2008. The 4th season (Volume Four: Fugitives) is set to air in the US on Februry 2, 2009. The episode you are describing was one of the first episodes of season 3. A lot has happened since then. So, before the new season kicks off, I recomend you catch up, because you still have 10 episodes to go. This is great show, a little confusing at times, but great. You won't want to miss out on what's coming next. Hope you find the rest season 3 episodes!!
@katemeow (847)
• Singapore
6 Jan 09
Actually, season 3 has 13 episodes. I think you missed on watching the half of the season and look for the remaining episodes You will be surprised on how Sylar (not Tyler) will turn out in the end! I don't want to say it yet because I want you to find out on your own Season 4 "Fugitives" will take a little longer but will be released in the US on Feb 2009.