Is misunderstanding a cause for most of the conflicts today?

Hong Kong
January 6, 2009 2:40am CST
The cause of fight between religion and science in "Angels and Demons" is misunderstanding. If the late Pope can be given a change to better explain himself, all the killings and conflicts thereafter can be avoided. Are some of our real world problems generated from misunderstanding or lacking communcation? Do you have any examples?
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• United States
6 Jan 09
Misunderstanding and lack of communication are certainly common causes of conflict. However just as often we understand each other perfectly well but we have different morals, different values, different ideals, different tolerance levels. Our lives tend to intersect, brush up against and bump into one another so we aren't content to always just live and let live. Take environmentalism for example. Save the whale. I don't own a whale and you don't either. But we'd hate to see them disappear from the planet because they're all slaughtered by the whaling industry. The whaling industry has an interest in keeping them around too because otherwise they would be out of business. The major disagreements come in how many is too many to take and who gets to take them. Though we aren't directly involved we have an interest in preserving them and their habitat.
• Hong Kong
6 Jan 09
Yes. The problem is there are some people who act too extreme that they are threatening others' lives, belief or ideology. They only think of their interests with little or no concern about others' lives.
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
9 Nov 10
I would say lack of tolerance is main reason for most of conflicts!