WHOIS Information. Do you know about WHOIS? Have you checked WHOIS of any site?

@systems (460)
January 6, 2009 3:33am CST
WHOIS Information. Have you checked WHOIS of your website or any other website? Try checking WHOIS data of many websites which you regularly use on the Internet. What is WHOIS? Its a data present in the Domain Registry regarding the details of Owner of a particular Domain Name. Why should we check it? To know who is the owner of the website we are using. It also sometimes help in identifying SCAM, PHISHING and SPOOF websites. It also shows from how long the domain is registered and its expiry date also. Most of the Reputed and Standard companies have their domain names registered for a higher period (more than 5 yrs etc.) Is it accurate or verified? No ! But it still may provide some Idea regarding the Owner of the Website. Some sites use "Privacy Protection Service" which will hide original the details of the domain name owner. So be careful while doing transactions with such sites. Where can we check WHOIS data? Many sites offer this. whois.DomainTools.com and AllWhois.com are few to name. So Please check WHOIS of as many sites as you can before entering sensetive informations or making transactions with some websites. Try checking whois information of many sites like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, News Websites and even myLot also..
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@yoga12 (161)
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22 Mar 12
Its nice information.. http://www.whoisxy.com/ is one of the tool to check the owner of the information. If you need, check the whois information here.
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7 Jan 09
its a VERY useful site im gladd other ppl knw it too! happy lottin and have a nice day