what is home???

January 6, 2009 8:34am CST
a house is where we live in... a home is where harmony, peace, comfort, etc.. is found... that is my simple description of what a home is... what about you??? how do you define home?
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• United States
6 Jan 09
Home is where I can be without fearing rejection, judgement, and doubt. Home is where I can express myself freely, love unconditionally, and live without fear. Home is where I can be myself without worrying who will see. Home is where I can feel safe, where I can work, and where I can be creative. Home is where I can nuture and be nutured, where I can recover from life while helping others recover, and where I can feel harmony while trying to create harmony.
• Philippines
6 Jan 09
that's a good one!!! thanx for your response!