how can offense be avoided?

January 7, 2009 6:46am CST
am i just too sensitive or what? there are a lot of times when i am easily offended even by a simple jokes from unbelievers. maybe, it's because I'm too used my fellow believers in church where everyone is so nice I hope I can overcome that attitude.
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@kykidd (6818)
• United States
7 Jan 09
First of all, angel_israel, let me take a moment to welcome you to myLot! I used to be a super sensitive person, and still am to a point. But I think there is a time when you just can't let what people say and do offend you. One mentor I had years ago once told me that you just can't worry about what other people think. And he was right. I have learned to live my life and I really enjoy who I am. And what other people think, just doesn't matter. Sometimes it hurts if it is someone you care about, but I have learned to just get over it. Thanks for starting this discussion, and have a great day!