why cant they remove robert mugabe???

@garmac (57)
January 7, 2009 1:31pm CST
what do u think??? why cant the UN or the super powers comes together and decide to remove Robert Mugabe by force since he is not willing to go. in the same way forces were found to fight and illegal war in Iraq, i think the whole world would be behind this move. the UN and others may talk about the bloodshed but in the long run it would make thing better for the millions of suffering Zimbabweans. c'mon ppl as Bob Marley said back in '70's we need to come together to 'liberate Zimbabwe'. what do u think???
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@ramzil (23)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 09
Well I think, the decision to be made are depends on interest on them. In Iraq there are too many interest especially oil resources, but in Zimbabwe, i didn't see the things that will make others interest so that mugabe still exist.
@ninzine (22)
• Sweden
8 Jan 09
We, the west (with USA at the front), are not interested in Zimbabwe. We gain nothing from controlling that country with military force. I think Mugabe listens pretty well anyway to the elite, so he gets to do whatever he wants down there.