Do you know what's it called when someone can't stay still?

United States
January 7, 2009 10:46pm CST
Have you or someone you know ever feels like they have too much energy, moves around alot, and can't stay still because if they do they will feel agitated? I wonder what is the cause of it and if they feel like they have limitless energy? Could a drug do that to someone?
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@srijshm (1165)
• India
8 Jan 09
I guess it is called "restlessness" or we use an adjective "hyperactive". Sleeping tablets may help. (just joking) Meditation, breathing exercises may also help. but i think it is not something to be treated & on the contrary a plus.
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
8 Jan 09
It's called 'sketchy'. It's a term or a slang word used to describe someone who cannot sit still or stay in one place and keeps on moving.
• India
8 Jan 09
oh yes i think there are a few different name for this. It could be figgity not sure of the spelling, or the person can be called hyper. If it is a little kid you would say figity. If it is a grown up you would say he or she is so hyper.