Message for students & Computer Engineers

January 7, 2009 11:55pm CST
In an order of referrence we would make a layout of computers in such a way that the primitive level is the hardware orientation & assembling for the machine part. The next is system software which is the foundation of the computer system which works as an interpreter between the hardware & application software and sometimes the user. And a simple user is affectionated with the application software only. Mean while some of the computer engineers of the era are not much aware of the entire system methodology but they should be of as it helps them to make the system more capable and working for the human beings. For students who are learning & still dealing with the subject my message to them is to pay more attention towards DIGITAL ELECTRONICS,COMPUTER SYSTEM ARCHITETCURE,and the MICROPROCESSORS along with the ASSEMBLY LEVEL PROGRAMMING. So being in brief it suggests that the people who are much elaborative about the system hardware working methodolgy can work on any of the software platforms as they canm always think that what is ongoing within the machine while he/she is working with a particular application software.
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