ONLINE LEARNING Are you ready for it?

January 8, 2009 6:22am CST
I, for one, am far from ready to use online courses for my learning. Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy about all the communication and learning opportunities the courses have given us. But for me those opportunities should not be used to replace classroom activities. In other words, they are only tools to help me learn what has already been offered in the classroom. I love the classroom. I love having classmates. There are sixty students in my class right now, and I think it is great. I even love having classmates who are better than me. And,let's not forget the smell of ink on paper, the sound of chalk on a blackboard, the hardness of a wooden bench or the heat inside the classroom in early September. I love it all. But most of all, i love having a teacher- a " real live " teacher. I get excited when i am in the classroom with a good teacher. I learn in a way that has been proven to work. I am given insight ont only into a certain subject, but aslo into the world. A good teacher pushes me to succeed. A good teacher rewards me with praise when i have done well and stays positive and give me hope when i am down. I don't believe that a teacher using a virtual classroom can reach out to me in the same way. A teacher communicating through the Internet cannot share the same type of relationship a classroom teacher and students share. I guess that i am lucky to have had access to so many excellent classroom teachers. I will never forget the kindness and commitment that those teachers have shown me. Their examples make it hard for me to accept a way of learning that doesn't include them. You can call me "OLD-FASHIONED", but as long as there is a classroom, that's where i will be learning.
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• China
10 Jan 09
i think online learning is very important,is useful to we ,expecially to students.
@joeniar (68)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 09
i think nothings wrong with online learning, there is a way to learn about something that we dont need to meet our teacher, i think it allow us to improve ourself
@tkleyr (406)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Youre right! Being in a real place for real learning is a great experience. Listening to something live is great. Watching live is great! So how much more for learning. E-learning is often taken by those who cannot travel for the good education they want for themselves. For those people who do not want to go out and ride a bus or trains during rush hours. This is for those who really wants to improve themselves on a distant learning.