Is Your Mother In Law Hateful?

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January 8, 2009 7:24am CST
I know I am not the only one with a vindictive hateful mother in law. I wanted to know how many people have a mother in law who tries to do everything in her power to get you and your spouse divorced. My mother in law never met me because she refuses to. The first time I talked to her on the phone she cursed me out. So my husband surprised me one day & took me to the court house and married me there. He wanted a wedding but because his mother and family was acting like I was gutter trash he did not want a wedding. This lady does not know me but she constantly has something to say to people about me & she tells them about me...But she has never met me and know nothing about me. I also wanted to know if anyone thinks that a mother who makes her son's get custody of all their children so that she can raise them is normal. My mother in law does not think any woman her son's have had children with are capable of being her son's wifes or raising their children. She has been raising all her grandchildren, and she hates me because I do not want her to do that over here. She can not control me and she hates me for that. I tried to be civil with my husband's family. When my husband went to meet my family my dad's side & my mom's side welcomed him with open arms. After driving across country upon arriving at my husband's mom 's house we went in and sat down and where immediately told.."Don't get comfortable because you are going to have to leave" I just thought that was tacky! am I just overacting & I have an issue? or are they just extremely weird & rude?
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8 Jan 09
I had a mother in law like that for 3 years and she made my life a living hell.She finally broke up me and my husband and she did get custody of our children by making up tons of lies,so watch out.My ex has had 2 other females in his life with the same results,she doesnt think anyone is good enough for her son or her grandchildren.My only advice to you is stay as far away from them as possible.
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9 Jan 09
OMG...Is this the same woman we are talking about. My husband is in Iraq and she is trying to make my life a living hell. and I hope she reads this because the follow me online and what I am posting. I have already sent the entire family a email about this nasty hatefulness. So they know how I feel