I care for silkworms. Will u ?

January 8, 2009 8:48am CST
hi!! Do you know that a piece of silk we buy is produced by burning alive thousands of silkworms(cocoons)? INDIANS invented a way of producing silk without killing silkworms(Ahimsa silk or nonviolent silk). All we have to do to save those tiny lives is to use Ahimsa silk or any other substitute of silk(polyester). u may think what happens by just my stopping of usage of normal silk..it reduces the production of silk by a piece (since 1KG SILK=5500 SILK WORMS BURNT ALIVE)..Do your part..just find where your nearest Ahimsa silk store is or try to get ahimsa silk products transported if the store is away from ur place. Do not neglect this cause you can SAVE THOUSANDS OF SILKWORMS which are killed just for the Passion/Fashion of each of us. Let us togethr start the Ahimsa silk usage and be someone's angel send this message to all your friends...cause you never know how many you inspire by just a simple action. Regards, AJ-Rox
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27 Jan 09
I love silk. Have always loved the natural fibers so much more than the synthetic ones. Silk, wool, cotton, linen etc. I didn't know that the silk worms were burned alive like that. Thanks for letting us know that there is an alternative. I will look for it from now on.