do you want to become RICH?

@xtian04 (282)
January 8, 2009 9:25am CST
do you want to have a very extravagant life? do you want money & wealt so much? how these matters to you?
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@bing28 (3797)
• Philippines
10 Jan 09
Oh yes, if it's God's will. Even not so rich, as long as I can settle obligations, provide all the needs of the family and can voluntary do some help to the relatives, friends and neighbors who are in need. I don't think of extravagant life but just a simple, comfortable, descent, peaceful and debt free.
@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
8 Jan 09
Yes I want to be rich, I want to buy my dream house, drive my dream car, get the things I want for my family, put up my own business and eventually help other people also. I want to be rich and see my life change in a good way. This matters to me because I am seeing that happiness is not coming for free.. Yes smiles and hugs and love can make us feel good and happy, but then, we have a life to live, money supports the things we need in this life. And I want to be able to solve that for my family. Being rich is not evil, it's a dream I have for myself and my family at the same time. Also, I am thinking that if I have money, it will also be easier to help other people who are in need.
@baileycows (3667)
• United States
8 Jan 09
Well becoming rich can be defined. If your asking monetary value. I am not worried about that. I would rather live comfortable debt free and have the love of my family. I think that means more than having millions.
@howard96h (11641)
• New York, New York
8 Jan 09
I would be happy with more than I have now so I can live a comfortable life and never have to worry about making ends meet.
• Switzerland
8 Jan 09
some money is good, but i'm not playing lotto all day long, cause i want to be rich. i'm a student anyway :P so money isn't really that important to me. i wouldnt say no if someone gave me some money.