What future will be like?

January 8, 2009 7:33pm CST
For the past 31 year of my life, i never bother about the future like more what i am now. All i know about the future is a celebration of New Year and the next morning, puff... i simply convinced myself that it's gonna be another day to live through. Do i sound like a pathetic person? I look back my life, and i found that nothing is wrong with that. Surely i regretted something that i have done in the past, i have all my ups and downs. And yet, future still a big question for me. Like i am holding up my breath for a very long time and have not yet exhale it. I heard a lot of things from television show that telling that the next 2012 is the world doom day. I never put any thrust into that kind of things, all i feel about it is a remorse, total sadness. Have you ever felt that way or am i the only person that ever feel it?
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