Different kinds of sandwich spread per child? Have you experienced this?

January 8, 2009 8:19pm CST
I have two boys that are almost 2 years apart in age. When we buy something, its like we are buying for twins. If I buy my eldest a toy, I should always buy the youngest one the same one too, only different in color. One prefers red and the other green. But when it comes to sandwich spreads, one prefers chocolate spreads while the other prefers a sandwich spread with mayonnaise. So whenever we eat breakfast or snacks, I must set two to three sandwich spreads on the table. Ever experience this with your kids?
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• Singapore
22 Oct 10
That is the scenario we have at home eversince my second child learns how to appreciate things by his own. You've mentioned about the spread you have to prepare each day. In our case, my eldest wants peanut butter while my second prefers choco. Sometimes, my eldest will ask for cheese or butter. So you see,we have to make sure that there is enough stock at home. Though it's a bit time consuming preparing for two or three different things at a time, but for me it's better that way. At least they love to eat bread instead of other junk foods. When it comes to toys, its the same story as yours, we have to buy the same kind but different colors. And sometimes we need to buy exactly the same thing so they will not fight. But little by little I am teaching them the art of sharing between brothers. And it's quite a good start, though sometimes, they will still fight for small things, but later on they will realize their mistakes and will make it up with each other. And now that they are three it's more over of those things that I should be prepared for. Good luck to all of us mothers out there!
• Philippines
9 Nov 10
Its nice to know that there are others who can relate to my situation It does take more effort to make sure that we have all the spreads that my boys would possibly decide to eat in the mornings but its worth it knowing that they are getting the nutrition that they need
@nowment (1757)
• United States
11 Jan 09
When it comes to foods people's tastes are as varied as there are people. For breakfast my sister would use cream cheese, me butter never cream cheese. And reading this reminded me of a family dinner, this involved in-laws, his parents, his sister, and his two nieces, we had 7 people eating dinner and we had 8 different salad dressings on the table. Italian, creamy italian, french, ranch, thousand island, blue cheese, vinaigrette and honey dijon, Reason being that 7 people were eating 8 different dressings with one of his nieces mixing two different types of dressing together. When it came to salad dressing my sister and I had different choices, when it came to mustard we had different choices, with one liking spicy brown and one liking yellow.
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
I can see that you can relate to my story. Its really amusing watching my two boys eating different stuffs in the morning, they are two very different individuals My only problem is that it is sometimes heavy on my budget hehehe