An Inspring Poem

@maria_k (925)
United States
January 8, 2009 10:00pm CST
i found this inspiring poem from a 14 years old kid. It's something I wanted to say to my parents too. And, I hope all of parents out there unsdertand and allow your kids to fall and to make mistake and to be themself. TO MY PARENTS You love me, So you think this gives you rights To mold my life like yours. But this can never be. I must be free, I must be me! I know I'll make mistakes, And whimper in my sleep. For all things you as parents Wish you could prevent And yet I'm not your pet. You cannot teach me tricks to come at your command, Or always lead me by the paw or hand. To win or fail, I alone must blaze my sometimes lonely, Sometimes hurting trail. ~Sef Tritt ... age 14~
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@cambiste (1244)
• India
9 Jan 09
I dont think i'll want to write that kind of poem for my parents. When i was younger, its true, i used to be very annoyed when my parents used to go "study study" or do this, dont go here or there, such and such. I want allowed to even visit my friends houses whne i was in junior high school. I suppose that was overdoing it, but the study part was well served. Im already 19 now, and im glad i'm not stupid. If my parents hadn't pushed me, i may never have a place in this world which is full of educated people. Besides, because i've spent some time learning the basics, i spend only half the time ordinary students spend studying, and get better results. This way, i can enjoy the present too, as i did the past, without falling too many times. My 2 cents. Happy mylotting.