which is more ridiculous?

January 9, 2009 5:55am CST
hi friends.i have seen a lot of ridiculous matches in wwe but i can recall only 2 of them as they are recent matches.kane and mysterio,matt hardy and mark henry.i call them ridiculous because of the result of those matches.both hardy and mysterio weighs atleast a 100 pounds less than their opponents.one is a monster and the other is the world's strongest man.even the greatest of superstars had difficulty kncoking the monster of his feet but a guy who dont even have a powerfull finishing move wins against him match after match.the same with mark henry though i believe hardy is much stronger than mysterio and give some resistance.i know wwe is a fake but these matches are taking fakeness to 3 steps higher than it already is.happy lotting
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@Marcola (2774)
• United States
10 Jan 09
I think it's ridiculous the way Kane's been booked for a long time. This man was a destructive monster during the Attitude Era and took the Undertaker to the limit at Wrestlemania XIV. The fact that Rey Mysterio (A guy who probably wouldn't have been World Champion if Eddie Guererro was still alive and when he became World Champion got his a$$ kicked almost all of the time.) cleanly beat Kane twice is terrible booking.
• India
11 Jan 09
yeah i agree with u there and the next thing will be mysterio beating mike knox in the next few weeks..poor guy.
@DonnaLawson (4032)
• United States
10 Jan 09
I don't care much for any of the wrestling shows, but as I am Mylotting, my husband is watching wrestling.. He watches it regularly and tells me some of what is going on but I try to ignore him.. I think they are all ridiculous matches, but he doesn't, I guess you just have to be a fan and he has been for many years.. Have a great day..