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August 25, 2006 7:14am CST
Once upon a time a purple squirrel ran through the yellow daisies. He stopped by the......(you add the next few lines and so on....)
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@hammo1 (87)
26 Sep 06
Scorchime stopped and belched loudly, "Time,it's about". She turned around to face the bees and smiled with an heir of superiority. "What are you doing?", screamed Umpa. "Relax you", said Scorchime, "I have just past into the second trimester of my life. Burn bees". Scorchime inhaled deeply and then exhaled. Umpa could not believe his eyes. The snake was breathing fire ! Umpa thought to himself "A pink and blue spotty snake that flies and breathes fire. What next ?" Umpa hid his eyes because the fire was so bright. Amanita woke up just then and screamed. "What's going on ? Where are we ?" Umpa explained everything to Amanita as best he could as Scorchime was still breathing fire. All the bees fell to the ocean below and Scorchime smiled triumphantly. "No More Beeeses", she said. "Let ussss go". Scorchime flew west for what seemed like hours. Amanita smiled at Umpa, "You saved me again", she said. "Of course I did", he said, "but don't forget to thank our new friend here" Scorchime accepted the compliments that came. "We are off to my homeland now, where we will be ssssafe for a time. There issss a war in progressss". Umpa looked doubtful but at least they were away from those bees. Soon, land was in sight, and Scorchime glided down to earth and set her passengers on the ground. "Find a hole in that tree. I will be back." Off she flew, straight as an arrow. "Let's get some rest", Amanita said, as they headed towards the tree when....
@Smclin1 (325)
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7 Oct 06
fox. Umpa looked up into the bright blue eyes of Snoze. "Um, who are you?" Amanita asked. "Snoze the fox, at your service. But if I were you, I'd hurry up, though. The goblins won't be detered long, and this is their village." "Goblins' village?" Umpa asked. "This is so not my day, not my day at all." "Yes. Climb on to my back and I'll take you as far as the elf city, Irmina. Quick now, I hear the goblins coming back." So Umpa and Amanita hung on as Snoze ran quickly throught the forest. But wait, there was something in front of them, waiting on them. It was....
@Tatsuya (1149)
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17 Dec 06
a giant orange and blue Pegasus with a horn like a unicorn. "What are you doing in MY forest?" growled the unicorn creature. "We were just trying to get to safety!" yelled Umpa-umpa. "Please either help us or get out of the way!" "Muahahahaha!" laughed the unicorn. "And why would I want to help you? You look like you have all the help you need. Goblins and a fox, why, you look like you have too much help. Maybe I can offer some trouble!" "Oh please don't, the goblins aren't helping us" said Snoze "We are trying to reach the elf village!" "Oh, the elf village, then let me be of some assistance. But first of all, I need to tell you my name. The elfs won't let you enter unless you know my name. My name, strange travelers, is Joshel." said the unicorn. "Joshel, the pleasure is all mine" responded Umpa-umpa. He explained the entire story to Joshel, and asked for directions. "Why, just follow me! It'd be my pleasure to help you stop this terrible war. It has been going on for too long anyway." and Joshel lead the way to...
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13 Sep 06
By any chance is this a real story? all the responces sound like a real book.
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13 Sep 06
...A huge bird swooped down and took them both safely out of the worms and into Nevernever land. The bird dropped them directly above the big purple hippo and they landed square on his polka-dotted tail hump. The hippo, who everyone called Scratchy, thought they were the pesky little Moroccan lady-bugs that migrated yearly just to dance on his back, so he.......
@hammo1 (87)
11 Sep 06
thousands of worms sliding all over the place, carrying knives, swords, banners and other warlike instruments. Umpa turned to Fargo and said "What's going on ? It looks like everyone is preparing for war !" "Yes, I'm afraid so", said Fargo. "The jellybeans have been attacking the money trees again. They have been warned so many times but they will not stop. We move out in five hours" Umpa looked at him sideways. He just did not understand this world at all. "Jellybeans attacking th money trees?" Fargo looked at Umpa "They take the money so they can melt it down and make it into bicycles." All of a sudden the whole tree shook from head to root. Umpa, fearing the tree was going to fall, ran down the center stairwell to reach underground and safety, when he heard cries for help. Under a pile of boxes something moved. He moved the boxes out of the way and could'nt believe what he saw....
• India
7 Sep 06
pink roses for a whiff and scrambled through the green forest. He came across a orange butterfly sitting on a golden honeysuckle and took a picture.
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5 Sep 06
NeverNever Land. Mr. Dragonbreath threw open the door and pulled Umpa-umpa, the purple squirrel, inside. You must NEVER NEVER go to NeverNever Land, do you know what lives there - well I'll tell you.....
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29 Aug 06
Help me. There's a bird swooping down at me trying to take me away to:
@rainbow (6762)
25 Aug 06
giant mushroom and was very suprised when he saw a door,complete with letterbox and doorbell. The name above the door was Mr.....