Do You Believe In Miracles? Or You Are Just Another Skeptic?

January 9, 2009 7:52am CST
I would not believe that there are simply no miracles today. If not, try reasoning and prove otherwise how this teenager actually survived a fall from 8 floors (80 feet) of a building. Yes, and this teenager 16 years of age had just fallen off from a building after he was trying to escape from his pursuers. Yes, from any logical or scientific point of view, a fall from such a height is definitely instant death or death thereafter. Yet, he survived with a broken back, arms and legs. So, do you think something happened here? This is not a 9 lives cat but a human being, I just believe that there is an intervention from God here. What about you? Care to comment and reason this one out? Ref:
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@coolsid2007 (1030)
• India
10 Jan 09
This is so funny... This does not prove God or his whatever.... okay now seriously How you fall is the most important factor here... If he was not yet to die...Y even be in a situation where he would fall from 8th floor... no god intervention there? or untill then? ,..,,, y not just let him walk thru...or for that matter make pursuers fall?... Have u ever heard of acupuncture or Kung fu or Taekwondo...there are scientifically proved methods/fights, certain joints/points/nerves etc in your body which can take tremendous blow without being hurt...more so there can be so many factors,,, wind direction, wind pace, weight of that person, surface type,,, etc etc .. Ever been to a Biology or physics lecture buddy or is it that you prefer going religious places only? now my questions.... y your god made him fall at the first place... to give him a fracture or a broken bone? y did god let pursuers go?...y not make them fall? y not just let that kid walk thru...without being harmed?...if breaking his bones were that important... he could have made him fall from bed too...and give him a broken bone....he is god after all :) y only 8th floor..not 10th not 1st...only 8th there a message somewhere hidden on that 8th floor..?? All these answers ,,,, HE MUST HAVE HAD SOME HIDDEN PURPOSE BEHIND IT... right! Hidden God with Hidden purpose ,...., actually did not impress me one bit... no offense meant buddy... Thanks Sid
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• Philippines
9 Jan 09
I believe there is and only god kmows where and when to give it.
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@Iriene88 (5345)
• Malaysia
19 Aug 09
Dear skysuccess, I believe there are miracles...there are so many happenings that are beyond comprehension. God have His purpose, His timings etc which again beyond our understanding. If you go to my profile, under my blog Multiply...I do wrote on my blogs- small wonders that God shows, it is up to the person whether to see it or not. Sometimes is it a small gestures that God shows that he care, he is there watching us...the topic that I covered was under the following titles : If you are keen, you can have a look :) March 2009 - Dreams Do Come True May 2009 - The Joy of Love Thanks and God loves all of us!
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• Singapore
20 Aug 09
Iriene88, Thank you for your sharing here. Unfortunately, I am unable to read your blogs here in China as blogspot, facebook, tweeter and some other social networking sites are being blocked here. However, I will definitely be reading them when I am in free zone. Again thanks for the sharing and God bless you too.