What man's invention do you consider the best?

@Masmasika (1921)
January 9, 2009 9:15am CST
I consider computer the best ever invention of man. I couldn't imagine myself without computer today. I will still be tapping the hard keys of the type writer and making my hands stiff when I finish one article. Computer is just so awesome and wonderful. I couldn't think of how they had invented this tool. What do you consider the best???I just want to share with your opinion...
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@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
17 Jan 09
I think it's Graham-Bell's invention of the telephone. It's just a necessity for all of us especially for those who are away from their loved ones and family members. And I think because of such invention, other mobile technologies sprang out from there. Good day.
• France
17 Jan 09
I'd argue that "Computer" is almost too vague these days, considering how many things incorporate elements of computers in them: mobile phones, tv's, dvd players, appliances, cars, and so on, but I know what you mean and I agree computers have changed the world. For me the most important evolution of the computer is the internet, and the most important invention that melds the two ideas is the mobile telephone. That I have the capacity to contact billions of pages of information or any one of millions of people anytime, almost anywhere, is nothing short of miraculous.
@mkmoney (468)
9 Jan 09
computer technolges internet wi-fi ect. ect.
@bluishrose (2291)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
First thing that cross my mind is the internet or technologies. Internet is very useful nowadays and you can do anything and even have a living. Its very helpful for us.