Tekken 6 for XBOX 360 ! Finally! What is your favorite Tekken?

United States
January 10, 2009 12:45am CST
I am an ardent Tekken fan. I refuse to buy a PS3 because there are simply not enough good games out that I do not already have for XBOX 360. I am so glad a Tekken game will finally be on a Microsoft console. I hope this game lives up to my huge expectations. I was not in love with Tekken 5 as I was with previous entries in the series. What is your opinion of the best Tekken and why? I would have to say Tekken 2 because of the characters, art, and music. What do y'all think?
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• Philippines
31 May 09
At first I thought the PS3 was not worth it too. But my father bought one and I got addicted to it. The graphics are just amazingly awesome.. it improved a lot. Anyways, I'm dying to play Tekken 6! Is it out for the PS3 too? I'm so dying to play it. I would like to buy but I still don't have sufficient funds yet. My favorite Tekken games would be Tekken 5 and Tekken 2. I agree with you. Tekken 2 has nice characters and stages. The soundtrack is good too! It makes me want to relive those good old times. Happy myLotting!
@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
26 Feb 09
well mine would have to be the tekken tag tournament since it was my introduction to the tekken series it came with my playstation 2 and it was the first time i had played that series it was alot of fun to play a great adventure and action kind of graphics and characters were very realistic im sure it has improved with the introduction of the playstation 3 and the xbox 360 but it did seem to me it was easier to fight with some characters then other too awhile to get used to all the different special moves you could do with the different characters but overall i seemed to like it