January 10, 2009 4:58am CST
both the flavours are kings of chocolate. these are the most popularised flavours in the worlD. THE most selling chocolate flavour is ofcourse chocolate. i like it very much. whad do you like most friends?
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@greyz7 (860)
• Philippines
8 May 10
i ove choclate ice cteam... anything chocolate will do for me. i ahte strawberry or other falvors esepcially when it comes to icen ccream and cakes
• Malta
17 Jan 09
Maybe this is one of the hardest questions to answer :) It's really difficult to decide as I love all three of them. I think it depends on what kind of dessert I'm having be it a cake, pie, ice-cream, or milk shake. Well here is my ranking: 1st strawberry, vanilla and last but not least chocolate. I also like the almonds flavour, it really tastes good in pies, hot chocolates, milk shakes and cocktails
• India
17 Jan 09
well i would love to eat chocolates and others because i like chocolate whenever i use to cake and other beverage and ice cream or pastries i use to take chocolate
@jpso138 (7865)
• Philippines
13 Jan 09
I love vanilla from among the rest of the flavors out there. For me that taste is just very simple yet very satisfying. There are those that are very nice to eat from the start but later on you can't finish anymore since its to sweet.
• United States
12 Jan 09
I don't know... I really like all three of the major flavors.
@eagle_f15 (2052)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 09
It's chocolate flavor for me. My all time favorite especially if it's topped with chocolate sauce and nuts.
@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
10 Jan 09
I used to like chocolate. With age going up, I am advised to take less sweet foor. I eat ice cream much less, and if any, I choose vanilla.