for guys who wants to be faithfull to their lover/wife?

January 10, 2009 5:49am CST
hi friends.i have a girl friend and i am faithful to her so far.yesterday while browsing through the internet,i came across a few hot pictures of wrestling divas and thought to myself IF I GET A CHANCE TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE GIRLS,I WONT HESITATE .But after a second,OH WELL ,I ALREADY GOT A GIRL FRIEND .WISH I HAD THIS OPPURTUNITY BEFORE I MET HER.tricky and guys ,what would you be thinking if u r granted a wish to enjoy ur day with these hotties?what would you be saying?I AM BEING FAITHFUL,I WONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT or WHAT THE HECK.THIS IS ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPURTUNITY AND SHE WONT BE KNOWING ABOUT IT.I WILL GIVE IT A TRY?i am posting this discussion because i have a few problems about these guidelines for being lotting.
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