how to loose weight friends?

January 10, 2009 7:15am CST
iam not a obese, but overweight. i want to loose weight with in a shortest of short time. how much will it take. i think it may be 5-7 months. iam 5 feet9 inches and my weight is 87. give me the solution friends?
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@max1950 (2313)
• United States
10 Jan 09
i might be wrong but if you 5'9 and only weigh 87 lbs i think you may have a problem unless your not talking pounds but some other weight measurment-----ladies what do ya think
• Singapore
10 Jan 09
i think he means 87 kg...
• Philippines
15 Jan 09
well, there should be a total change in your lifestyle... there should be more activities than food intake... increase water intake... jog even in the house 10-30 minutes a day... it wouldn't be that fast. 1 lb a week is a good goal... the faster you burn calories and lose weight the faster you'll have them back.. what's better is develop an attitude of change....
@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
10 Jan 09
well... i would also love to lose weight in the shortest period of time. Honestly speaking, i too do get tempted to do it the unhealthy way. I have this friend who apparently feasted on 2 apples a day. In a span of about 3 months, she lost more than 20 kg. But she dropped A LOT of hair. BUT THIS IS UNHEALTHY!!! And i couldn't get pass 2 days just on apples don't even think about 3 months. SO anyway, i would suggest, exercise and proper eating. Try eating smaller portions and not snack. Eat light meals 6 - 8 times a day. Eat till you're full and don't over eat. We tend to finish the food on our plates. But you don't have to do that. Whenever i eat out, i would split my rice into half and just finish the half. So i won't feel obliged or unknowingly due to habit, finish up all the rice. Another tip i realize, try wearing a tighter underwear. It might help compress your stomach and you won't feel so hungry that easily nor will you eat alot. Let's work hard together to lose those weight...