is it worth it??? please give advice

January 10, 2009 10:20am CST
i know it is probally a common thing for teens to want motobikes, i myself have had a fair few small ones (50cc)though im wanting to get a new one, which is going to set me back almost £400 which seeming that i have currently £0 is going to take some doing, though i would like to go to track events (you pay about £30 and can stay there all day) i believe that i would still obviously want to go on my bike more than once every week or 2 (my dad will have to take me to these events as they are at least 20miles away, and prob wouldn't take me every weekend) so i would have to ride in the fields nearby, and down by the lakes. the thing is, the police issue a warning, and in some cases a confiscation if they catch you on your bike. i have thought, maybe if i saw them and was cincere i may get a warming, and if i wore the right equipment.... though, whast are your guys thoughts on this? do you think i should get the bike, or just look for something else
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