love letters

January 10, 2009 12:43pm CST
Ever wanted to say something to someone you love but just can't find the courage to say it him/her? Post your messages/letters here. Here's mine: Dear P, There's never a day that I don't wish I was someone better or someone else. If I was, maybe I would have had the courage to ask you out. it's too unfortunate to have feelings so strong but never really get it out there. we're from different worlds. maybe in another lifetime, I'll get the chance; maybe by then I could finally hold your hand while you cry over your favorite sandra bullock movie; or sit with you as you enjoy your favorite chicken-mango wrap; or just stand hand-in-hand with you as you fill this earth with all your greatness... maybe in the next lifetime. Until then, in my thoughts and in my heart you'll remain. I hope you're happy with her. - Me
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