And here's the downside to living in the modern age...

United States
January 10, 2009 12:49pm CST
So I went to the BX (Base Exchange - like a small version of WalMart on a military base) on Christmas Eve to pick up a few last minute things. And I ran into my friend Beth there. We got to talking, and we both needed to go to the commissary (base grocery store) as well, so we decided to go together. Lucky for me! When we were at the checkout lane in the commissary, I went first. The cashier rang up my order, and only then did I discover that not only had I not brought my cash, but my debit card was not in my wallet either! Beth was kind enough to pay for my small amount of groceries, and I told her I'd pay her at home (we're neighbors). Now, that sounds like a perfectly acceptable level of idiocy, until I share the last part of the story: upon arriving home and finding my cash and debit card, I realized that I'd had my checkbook with me THE ENTIRE TIME - but never thought to use it, because I live in a world where paper checks are obsolete and everyone pays with plastic! As my daughter likes to tell me when I've done something boneheaded - I could've had a V8...
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@AnakSuNamun (2084)
• United States
10 Jan 09
Yes, you could've but chew it over with Twix
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• Canada
11 Jan 09
Likely because I'm a bit older than you are, I used to write cheques at the grocery store all the time. I remember that I had to also write my drivers license number on the back for ID. And because of that, I can still recite those 15 digits anytime, anywhere. It is now permanently imprinted on my memory. But yeah, I can see the idiocy in it, for sure. Funny. lol