twilight saga did not reach the excitement the harry potter series gave.

January 10, 2009 8:24pm CST
twilight sucks. for those who have not read the books of the twilight saga don't act as if you know and understand the story coz you don't. read the next book and you'll know what i'm saying. you'll see how boring it is. ggr, it's a waste of time and money.
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11 Jan 09
Well now when I first heard a movie was made vampire, on the twilight series of books I was thrilled, I loved the series for years. Then they announced the author's name and I thought WHO?? The author of the Twilight vampire series of books I began reading in late 80's or early 90's was Maggie Shayne, I had no idea who this person they were talking about was. So it could be I am looking at it with a biased view of thinking that people calling this the twilight series is way off base since to me the author got the title more from another source. So ok I was curious and I had a chance to read the book with out paying for and I am glad, glad because if I had paid for the book I would have been upset about wasting my money. There are many better authors, and better stories. I am an avid reading, and I re-read my favorite books over and over again, even those books that are favorites of mine but no one else ever heard of. This was not a keeper. To me the book was an afterschool special of teen romance, and a character happened to be a vampire. While it did get a smidge better as the book progressed, the author used to many chapters to say things that were not necessary. And when it came time to get to the point, the book ends and it is like ok buy the next book so you can get to the point. When the movie hits dvd I may borrow if from the library [not going to put money into renting it or buying] to see if the movie at least improved the story at all. I do feel the story had potential the author just didn't seem to pull it off at least not in the first book, but I am in no rush to find out what happens next, if I get around to getting a copy of the book fine, if I don't, that is fine too. If you look at it from a "kid" perspective such as the Harry Potter, then it is NOT happening at all, but then really there is no comparing the two very different types of stories meant for very different types of readers / audiences, both can have a sub category of being considered paranormal, both deal with main characters who are in school, but the character starting out at age 11 and one who is old enough to drive are very different and just not to be compared. As for the excitment of Harry Potter that transcended age, I don't think Twilight does that, this book works for those who read teen romance/ teen mystery. I doubt it could reach an adult audience and it is definitely not for younger kids. Simply because there is nothing to hold their interest.
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16 Feb 09
you think so? we are 2 now. just trying to post blogs within my scanty time..
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17 Feb 09
?? not sure what you are saying here