If you love a girl ,how will you do ?

January 10, 2009 10:28pm CST
I am a freshman i have a secret love with a girl ,she is a belle .But i am so shy that i am afraid to chase her .I am afraid to be hurted. What do i ?
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• United States
11 Jan 09
try to approach her. defeat your fear of being hurt and go for it. if you don't then she won't know how you feel.
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• Philippines
11 Jan 09
I agree with the comments above ronaldo but did you know that some people have actually made a living out of teaching people how to court women? That's right, so the problem is pretty widespread and there are a lot of people who have trouble with this area of their life (I know I do). You might want to try finding out more in the internet. Not all of them are good advice though so try to experiment with what works and what doesn't. You need to practice with this because it is a skill to be learned. We don't get to be masters at wooing women overnight, but if you want to be successful you've got to start by trying and it helps if you get advice from other people who are good at this. Good luck.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
11 Jan 09
If we love a girl but cannot chase her, then it means we have low self-esteem. In this case, we will have to increase our self-esteem. We will have to destroy the inferiority complex that is in us.Love is a thing for the courageous and confident and not for those with low self-esteem.