How to give people advice

January 11, 2009 3:20am CST
Everyone wants to help friends when they're in trouble or have a big decision to make.If you give advice from the heat,it can help a person a lot. Good advice can help people make right decisions or find the right way in life, while bad advice can have bad results. Step 1 Listen to the person who asks you for advice.Listen carefully to him. Get as much information from him as possible before giving advice. Step 2 Put yourself in your friend's shoes. If you are in the same situation ,think about what you would do. Step 3 Think about the results of your advice, also think about the results of not taking your advice.If there 's no big difference between the results of those two choices ,your advice might not be bad ,but it's not useful either. Step 4 Give different choices for the problem. Give your friend as many ideas as possible.
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• Philippines
11 Jan 09
hi! this is a great help but i want to add something. never ever manipulate a friend who ask your advice. give them ideas as much as possible show them the possible results as many as you both can think but LET the person decide for himself. let the person be strong enough to choose what among the options are best suited to solve his problem. why i am telling you this because if we decide for our friends were not helping them instead we are teaching them to depend on us on crucial decisions that they have to make. be blessed