how to help my boyfriend out of psychological fear of TB patients?

January 11, 2009 5:15am CST
i have a boyfriend,we love with each other,we are felling very happy at before when we are together,he also has been very cheerful,but sinc after he was examined by a doctor,said to be suffering from thoracic spinal TB,he began to very nagative,due to the discovery of the late,so it looks serious ,done twice surgery before and after with him,the doctor told him to lie down in bed for several the bear at the same time at unfortunate,he began to be very irritable temper,become silent,passive,what are the loss of interest on,oblivious to any person,althong i often encourage him and give him cofort,but not able to changei love him,i hope he can soon be out of shadows,back to health ,but i don't konw what can i do?so i would like you to give me some suggestions and cmements?
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