what is the most fastest way to earn on the net?

@carinio98 (2929)
January 11, 2009 3:35pm CST
im just wondering what is the most fastest way to earn on the net even without a referrals...
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11 Jan 09
Hi there, For me the fastest way that I have managed to earn money on the net without having to invest first or get masses of referals is freelance writing. I generally use freelancing websites for this where I have to bid on jobs which can be hard to get started with at first but with a little determination you will soon get there as I have done. I have now been doing this for 2 years and I am starting to branch out with other types of making money which can be found on my blog from my profile page. I'd love it if you could give me some feedback and let me know which are the methods you use!
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@carinio98 (2929)
• Philippines
11 Jan 09
i check your blog and it is very nice... i might check helium for that matter.
@crigal (105)
• United States
11 Jan 09
Missberlee...what kind of writing do you do when using freelance writing? And do you have a link that I can check out. Looking for other forms of making extra cash. Thanks.
12 Jan 09
Hey there, We can't post links here on MyLot but I have some of my links on my blog from my profile page. With regards to the writing, I use a few websites such as Helium and others on my blog and I also use a freelancing site which is mentioned on the bottom of my blog and there is a link to that also. The jobs I do normally involve articles of 500 words on a certain topic and I get most of them from the freelancing site and then progress to have private relationships with the buyers. I now get most of my work from private clients that I have built up a trusting and honest relationship with. I now work full time as a freelance writer as I have found that when I put the hours in, I earn a lot of money out of it. One example I can give is that I worked 3 full hours the other day and earned $60. That's not bad for just 3 hours with a small break in the middle! I hope I have been helpful and that you manage to earn from it as well. I put all of the sites that I find on my blog and also when I get paid and suchlike so keep an eye on it for when it becomes updated, which I try to do every couple of days.