can you focus on your project when your computer is powered on?

@btwmoney (111)
United States
January 11, 2009 8:29pm CST
Dear mylotters, I can not focus on studying or working when I sit in front of my computer, I can just work for a second, then I want to click my gmail to check my emails. Then work for another second, I want to go to mylot and check the best discussions. It repeats again and again, in the end, I never finish even a small part of my job. I am very frustrated at this time, I may lost this job because of this kind of habit. Is it a kind of diseases? Do you have the same problem, my dear mylotter? How can you avoid this? Please help me, thanks!
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• Chennai, India
12 Jan 09
You yourself has to come out of this. Nobody else can help it. Just have a determination. When you want to do this thing, just imagine "I'll do this after 10 minutes. Now I shall concentrate on work". Do the same thing after 10 minutes. If you can't resist any longer, do the things you want. (Again think "I'll finish all these within this much time. If I can't, I'll continue after this much time" or so) When you get used to it, gradually postpone for higher intervals. When you feel comfortable of yourself, you can fix a time for doing things of your wish. This is just my idea.