Does being a homemaker overwhelm or fulfill you?

United States
January 12, 2009 9:07am CST
So many times every month, I hear others saying that I don't have a real job because I work from home (freelance writer), I'm a homemaker, and I care for our family of six. There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed because this stigma of "not having a job" makes me feel I should be doing more . . . so I try. Then, there are other days when I think those people just need to keep quiet, and I feel completely content and fulfilled. Where do you fall in this spectrum? Do you feel overwhelmed or fulfilled as a homemaker? Do your peers make you feel like you're not doing enough?
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@cher913 (25861)
• Canada
21 Jan 09
i find it sometimes hugely overwhelming. i only work 3 days a week for 4 hours and i have a home biz and i craft as well on the side and to squeeze in house work on top of that is sometimes exhausting.
12 Jan 09
i have to say that other people do make me feel like that sometimes but the thing about them is that they probably dont have a family to care for and if they do someone else does everything for them. being a stay at home mum is more than a full time job in fact it is like having twenty + full time jobs, your a cleaner, a cook, a chauffuer, a councillor, a teacher, an accountant and thats just to name a few, and as for one of the blogs i read there about someones husband making them feel like that i say a man multi task yeah right i would love to see that, it takes my husband all the time in the morning to get himself up and ready to go to work, and so to these people who say this i say you try it for a week and trust me you will be wanting your old job back before the week ends so you should keep quiet until you know exactly what you are talking about. as for being fulfilled i am completley fulfilled with being at home, i didnt have kids for someone else to bring them up and the other great thing i dont miss anything from their fisrt step to their first date, i love it, lee
@kellys3ps (3726)
• United States
12 Jan 09
Being a homemaker usually overwhelms me! I have 6 kiddos, so it is like having an extra fulltime job.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
12 Jan 09
Usually the one who makes me feel the worst is my husband. He thinks he could do it better than me. If he is home with the kids for a few hours he does tend to get stuff done, but he isn't doing something he has to do all day every day. I will clean up the living room and by the time I am done with the kitchen my kids will have the living room trashed again. It is exhausting. It is hard to feel content doing things over and over every day but I love being home with my kids.