relationship has definitely improved

January 12, 2009 4:49pm CST
the relationship that my husband and i has definitely improved from where we started. we had been dating more than 7 years before we settled down. although there is do doubt about the love and fidelity, the thoughtfulness and the care, but there were also very painful episodes because of fighting over sometimes meaningless things. thank God, because by His grace, He has molded us and made us to become better persons before we entered marriage. i really agree that if God is the center or the third party of the relationship, He will bring us closer together. we are not without problems, as this world is imperfect, but we see God's grace all the way. have you experienced improvements in your relationship lately? take care always and God bless you! :-)
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@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 09
I admitted that I have been through a bad days on my relationship. I believe that the business and the hectic situation took lots of control on our relationship. Sometimes we were too tired to talk about anything and it was very bad. But fortunately we always have a time to talk, especially because we're living together now, so we would be able to find some time to talk about such crucial stuffs. I believe that it was not easy for us to talk about something that was not comfortable to be talked about. I know that but that's the only way to improve the relationship and take it to the better level of the relationship.
• United States
12 Jan 09
I have experienced my husband and I relationship gotten better. Husband and I have been married now for 9 months and we have been together for almost 4 years. Throughout our relationship we have been the same way, fighting over meaningless things and almost getting on the verge of breaking up. After my husband and I had gone through premarital counseling and got married, our marriage has been so much better and we fight a lot less. We do have our disagreements every once and awhile, but we make up a lot better. I believe due to the premarital counseling it has helped us understand one another alot better. Which otherwise, I believe we would have gotten a divorce in 6 months. Friends and family tell me that is because it was God's will for you guys to be together, and that he is helping us to understand where the other is coming from.